January 24, 2022

NEET PG: What to do and what not to do in the month leading up to the test

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The NEET PG Exam is one of the most difficult and complicated exams aimed at identifying the top potential in the country. You’ll have to push yourself to the maximum to get into a PG course in the medical field. The final few months of preparation are particularly difficult since the hard effort put in during these months determines the fate of the prospective candidate. But now, you should know what is the scenario can be 1 month before the test. Hence, today we will discuss the NEET PG Dos and Don’ts in the following article.


  1. Make a tight study schedule and attempt to stick to it. Make a reward system, such as if Iaccomplish these sections of the schedule, I’ll be allowed to watch the game. Self-rewarding activities will keep you motivated to complete your duties.
  2. Do your studying in a setting that closely mimics an exam hall. If you study in a peaceful and tranquil environment, you have a better chance of remembering and presenting information in an exam setting.
  3. Do as many mock quizzes as you can with last year’s sample papers in this one month. Compare your answers to those in the model or with those of your friends.
  4. Physical and mental fitness are important during test periods, so get enough rest and eatwell. Being healthy is one of the major acts to get a good score in any examination.
  5. Make flashcards, create flowcharts and memory graphs, mind maps, and mnemonic devices to help you remember new information. For disciplines that need memorising a large amount of material and formulas, choose a different style of study.
  6. Finally, a few minutes before going to bed, attempt to recall what you’ve learned. The next morning, you will be able to recall every single phrase with ease.


  1. Don’t wait for it till the last minute to prepare. Staying up late the night before an exam will not help you. It is the quality of your preparation, not the amount, that will aid you in passing the exam.
  2. Don’t chat to your pals about how unprepared they are for the exam. We all know he or she is a topping swot who will succeed. Their goal in telling you about their preparation is to make you nervous!
  3. Don’t be alarmed! You’ll be alright if you’ve done your homework. Relax and your exam will go off without a hitch.
  4. Don’t spend your time talking to pals, idle surfing on TV/computers, computer games, bad thinking, and so on.
  5. Only go over the major elements of the chapter the day before the tests.
  6. Don’t compare your study habits to those of your peers. Everyone has a different preparation style, and what works for one person may not work for you. Everyone has a distinct learning style from the next.

The NEET-PG examination time is approaching, and with it comes increased tension and anxiety. Most of us want to do anything but study at this time. We frequently overload, stress out, and procrastinate. The first thing students should recognise during times of high test pressure is that remaining with their books in a locked room for 24 hours a day is not very healthy. As a result, taking such risks in the previous month is not recommended. What matters is that a student devotes his or her whole attention to the task at hand, with half-hour pauses in between

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