December 2, 2021

Know-How to crack NEET PG – Tips & Tricks

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It is a difficult job to NEET PG examinations as it is considered to be a highly competitive exam among most of the entrance exams. The preparation demands almost 15-16 subjects to study. An aspirant needs a lot of determination after five years of MBBS and courage as well to sit for the entrance exam for another two or three years of Post Graduation courses. There are tricks and tips to achieve a satisfying rank on the NEET PG exam. In this article, we will share a well-crafted strategy to increase your strength and confidence.

NEET PG- tips and tricks:

1. Clear objective:

The foremost step for a student who is preparing for the NEET PG entrance examination, have to have a clear goal and mindset to achieve the rank. Talk to yourself and set an affirmation to boost confidence.

2. Practice and practice:

They say, “practice makes a man perfect.” Well, it is not so wrong. The more you practice relatable question banks and MCQs, the more you get clear ideas. With the help of daily practice of questions, the knowledge level will increase. It will help you to walk into the examination hall with full confidence. A student can also go through previous years’ questions to know the pattern of the examination. You can also get to know the important topics you should put more focus on.

3. No doubts, no query:

A student needs to clear his or her all doubts before sitting for any exam. Do not hesitate to the same question again and again to clear your doubts.

4. Prepare Notes:

Taking down notes while studying helps a lot to clear own doubts. It also helps to revise what you study for a whole day and take a glance before the exam.

5. Smart Study:

A key to studying smart is to get rid of excessive study materials. Getting access to vast material won’t help to rank higher. Limit your supply and focus on them more. If you have any doubt, google it or ask your mentor. If you cage yourself with millions of books, it will confuse you. Also, you must follow the right books for the exam.

6. Begin with short topics:

As a candidate for NEET PG exams, you should always choose the short topics before the large ones. It will save a lot of time for revision later and also lighten your mood as well.

7. Evaluate yourself:

It is very important to track your progress once a week to achieve a better score in the NEET PG examination. To do that, you can always take some free online test and check the result. If you give any wrong answer, you find the right one instantly. It will help you to remember the topic forever.

8. Reward yourself:

NEET PG examination takes a lot of motivation to stay determined and focused. Some lost their confidence mid-way. To avoid this, remind yourself why you have started this journey. Also, give some rewards to yourself to keep yourself motivated day today.

9. Online Coaching:

After Covid-19 hit the world, students adopted online learning. You can attend live lectures, and clear doubts instantly. You can check your progress as well.

Take care of health

The most important thing in your NEET PG exam preparation is nothing but your health. You should eat proper food, and get the min 6-7 hours of sleep for better result.

There are no shortcuts to achieve success in any case and the medical study takes a lot of hard work. An aspirant has to be resolute and unwavering. All you need is hard work and smart study to crack the NEET PG entrance exam and get a chance to study in your dream college.

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