January 24, 2022

how to revise the NEET-PG syllabus before the exam– simple tips!!

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NEET-PG, an entrance examination for medical graduates to apply for masters in government or private colleges in India. This exam is considered to be one of the toughest and most complicated ones of all. In the other articles, we have already discussed how to crack the NEET-PG exam. Hence, this is time to know what are the steps you should follow while you are revising the vast syllabus before you sit for the online test. A huge number of NEET-pg competitors is keen on sorting out the diverse approaches to have a better preparation including revision of every chapter. This article will give you the easiest and hassle-free technique for NEET-pg 2021. Candidates should not lose their patience during the preparation. This is the duration where aspirants should follow some basic tricks and tips to crack the NEET-pg exam.

Here, we have discussed some simple steps that will help you to have the revision strategy for NEET-pg 2021 exam preparation:

  1. First of all, to start the revision for the NEET-pg exam, you should go through the syllabus first. There are a lot of chapters in it and you have to look closely if you have missed anything. If not, you can tart revising but if you find that you left any chapter behind then you should first complete it and then begging with the revision.
  2. Time management plays a very important role while you are preparing. Well, you should keep in mind that you have to complete the whole syllabus before at least two months before the exam date. The revision process takes a lot of time. Hence, a candidate should be aware of this fact.
  3. While revising each topic, one should keep their notebook close. The medical books are too long. You can study from them but while you are revising those concepts, you have tochoose the short forms. And this is why we always ask you to make clear notes while youare studying any topic. Make notes of all the important points so that while you start yourrevision, it can be easier for you to recall those at a glance. Go through every point with concentration.
  4. In addition, during this preparation, a candidate should practice various mock tests, previous years’ question papers, MCQs, etc. This is one of the best ways to revise concepts and clear your doubts clearly. The more you practice-related questions, you willbe able to remember important things. One of the easiest ways to attend mock tests is through online learning platforms. You can find thousands of questions there which you can practice from anywhere and any time. Once you are on these platforms, you can access them free or sometimes you have to sign up for a particular course. These online mock tests give you instant results and also they will show the correct answers for your wrong ones. You can analyze them and get an idea about your strong and weak areas. Butone thing to note is that you have to at least invest two to three hours to practice mock tests every day.
  5. In the end, while revising any chapter, if you realize that you have any doubts and you are not able to clarify them, then you should not waste time and contact your mentor. Youare already having a tight schedule, so you should ask your educator to clear it and continue your revision.

Do not worry about revising the whole syllabus of the NEET-pg exam. Just take a deep breath and plan a timetable before you start. Stay focused and work harder. Nobody can stop you from cracking a good rank in the entrance exam. Best of luck!!

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