January 24, 2022

How Tech-enabled Education Reshapes the Medical Learning

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tech enabled education reshape the medical education

Medical field is changing everyday, releasing new ways for better treatments and so on. It is not shocking if a medico slips any new findings. They all have very busy schedules and it is not possible for them to keep up with everything at the same time.

Research paper presentations, workshops, and discussions in various conferences around the world can not always keep the doctors or any healthcare worker in touch with the ongoing developments in the medical field. However, old habits die hard, so that a physician sometimes can not notice every conference. Also, they have to face a lot of situations where they need to focus more on their profession rather than gathering knowledge.

It happened especially after the Covid-19 pandemic where doctors are working night and day to save our lives. The frontline warriors are risking their own lives to cure us. Sometimes they work with minimum equipment like lack of PPE or sometimes they do not get enough facilities to treat a patient. They are working relentlessly to take care of lakhs of coronavirus infected peoples around the world in highly contagious environments without having any second thoughts. But this is not the end. Even a lot of them and also their families got infected. So, in this crucial situation, we can not expect them to go to fancy conferences and spend time there.

Well, AMCI always salutes all these warriors and as a tribute we launched a Medical Learning app for all our heros. Medical learning is for all the doctors or any healthcare workers to keep them updated with the new developments that are happening in the medical sciences.

Doctors study their entire life and we must say that it is a true statement. They always have to keep pace with advanced medicines, treatment modalities, disease behaviour and many more factors. There are several sources to study like magazines & medical journals, conferences, fellow doctors, newspapers, websites, papers published by well-known institutes. But in this modern world, even doctors do not get time to read from a magazine after a hectic day. So, here we are serving them an advanced way to study or clear their confusion at any time. Medical Learning provides various clinical videos that consist of all the information happening around the medical field. These videos are fruitful to every healthcare worker who is struggling with their work and needs some study in between. It is easy to access because all you need is a digital device like computer, tablets or mobile phones and internet. With the help of Medical Learning, one can learn at their own pace and also anytime, anywhere.

Although it looks simple to others, medical science is deep like an ocean. And the healthcare workers need to dive in that sea almost everyday to keep up with it. With the technology evolving in an advanced way, it is now easy for them to keep themselves updated. Medical Learning is all about that. So do not bang your head on heavy books. Go and check out Medical Learning today and make your life as simple as possible.

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